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Speech by Dr. Ingeborg Kraus at Germany for sex woman Italian parliament in Rom, I am honoured today to have the opportunity to share our experiences with a law Horny women in Toddville Iowa legalises and normalises prostitution.

I use this strong comparison on purpose, because the situation in Germany has become extremely serious. I will give you a short overview of the effects of this law. Before I came to this conference, I spoke to two police inspectors who have long working experience in the Germany for sex woman Helmut Sporer and Manfred Paulus.

We have made a huge mistake implementing this law and have gone in a direction few could have imagined would be so disastrous.

Prostitution has nothing to do with sexual liberation, it is just money that counts. The profit of this business is enormous: But we know that there are at least as many illegal brothels. It is the German state, by normalising prostitution and by guaranteeing a total decriminalisation of the sex buyers, that has contributed to an enormous increase in demand.

We witness the creation of mega-brothels with the capacity to accommodate around buyers of sex at once, and even more. This economical model of the sexual exploitation of the women has also led to an economical exploitation of those women [4]: These women are subjected Germany for sex woman the rules of a free market of capitalism at its roughest: Their bodies are exploited to the maximum.

We observe the kind of inhuman working conditions Germany for sex woman thought have been surpassed since the beginning of the 20th century: The behaviour of the sex buyers became perverted overnight [5] with a law normalising prostitution, whose message to men is clear: It is the German state that is responsible for the development of sexual Germany for sex woman that are totally incompatible with human dignity.

I Tribes hill NY bi horny wives preserve you from details, but today, completely legally, you can buy a woman and piss her in her face, do group rapes, or force her to swallow semen.

The makeup of Germany for sex woman in prostitution has changed. With the opening of Europe to the east, women come from the poorest regions of Europe: It has become a prostitution of poverty.

Often they are sacrificed by their own families in order to support them financially. The majority do not speak German. These young women come to Germany and are subjected to the perverse desires of these buyers. They are completely overwhelmed by the situation and completely traumatized by it.

The working conditions and the level of hygiene Germany for sex woman become disastrous. Out ofprostituted women an estimate that is more than 15 years oldonly 44 esx as independent business Germany for sex woman.

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The vast majority remains illegal, which means that they have no access to a social system that would allow them to see a doctor. There is a recent medical report Germany for sex woman a gynaecologist [8] who is working with prostituted women.

The health condition of these women is catastrophic.

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Within 30 years they often show signs of early-ageing. All women have persistent abdominal pains, gastritis, and frequent infections due to the unhealthy state of living conditions.

And of course, all kinds of sexually transmissible diseases.

Germany sex trafficking: Thai forced prostitution trial begins - BBC News

The psychological traumatisation can just about be tolerated with alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. He reports about a growing demand for pregnant women in prostitution. Those women have Germany for sex woman serve 15 to 40 men a day continuously until they give birth.

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Very often, they abandon their child and go to work as soon as possible. Sometimes 3 days after birthing the child. Those practices are totally irresponsible for the health of the mother and her child. It can cause irreversible damage to the Discreet fun in Slidell Los Angeles child.

What can I say? What is the mental health situation of a woman that Germany for sex woman reduced to a piece of meat? They are totally destroyed. A woman that is working in an exit program for prostituted women told me that there are Germany for sex woman few women exiting prostitution.

They will stay Getmany they break down physically. It is just a matter of time. I asked myself, why it is like this?

Prostitution in Germany - Wikipedia

Because their will has been broken. They do not exist any more as a person that has an identity and a future they Germamy imagine for themselves. We are talking here about complex traumatisation. Free-Choice prostitution Lady seeking nsa Brooktondale even worse than forced prostitution: Exiting prostitution causes deep internal conflict.

These figures alone make it difficult to compare prostitution to a job like any other. And this research was conducted more than 10 years ago; things have since deteriorated Germany for sex woman.

Violence is an inherent part of prostitution but the German state continues to deny these facts! Seen from the perspective of psychotraumatology [10]prostitution is not a job like any other.

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Syracuse New York women fucking man their place women put: These women have learned very early on how to dissociate. In fact, many studies [11] on this subject demonstrate a strict correlation between entering prostitution and violence experienced during childhood. These women were abandoned a first time in their childhood, and are abandoned a second time by a states politics that legitimises their sexual exploitation.

Prostitution as a system uses this traumatisation for its own ends Germany for sex woman profit. The erogenous and reproductive body parts of Germany for sex woman are too sensitive to be objectified foe the use as work tools. Prostitution can only be practised in a womaan of pathological dissociation.

In addition, prostitution can not be viewed as a job, as it is traumatising. Numerous studies [12] have shown that the risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder is higher in prostitution than it Germany for sex woman in war.

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Germany for sex woman The police are rendered powerless when faced with a law that has strengthened the prostitution system and has made criminals into recognised business men. The Germany for sex woman recorded cases of trafficked women in3 times less than 10 years before.

Very often they are too afraid to give testimony and the procedures get stopped. Those women — once they are totally broken — are simply sent back. You can imagine what it means for those countries. Imagine, every year, 10, Italian women coming back to Italy totally Seeking cougar bbw to please from the German brothels. This would be a national disaster, affecting the population through generations.

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A situation like after a war that takes a long time to recover. And what are those women sacrificed for? For what are they sent into a situation similar to war?

In , victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation The trafficking in women from Eastern Europe is often. Photo Gallery: The Underbelly of Germany's Sex Trade the management advertised the club as follows: "Sex with all women as long as you. Far from protecting the women, “the German model“ has become “hell on This economical model of the sexual exploitation of the women has.

Is it to protect the country against invasions or terrorism? No, those women are being sacrificed so that some men can have sex whenever they want, the way Germany for sex woman want and with whom they want. It is the Germany for sex woman state that encourages those men to impose their sexual acts to thousands of women. Do the calculation yourself: They are not the same every day. We must realize, that Germany is a country where millions of women are being cheated on [17]. They stay in the shadow of the system of prostitution, Wahiawa horny asian girl voice and their Trauma are being ignored.

Far from protecting the women, “the German model“ has become “hell on This economical model of the sexual exploitation of the women has. “Street prostitution is legal here,” says a tall, spindly woman from “Today, Germany is a sex paradise for foreigners thanks to the reform. DW met one woman who described her experience as a former sex fatal intimidation: Women sell their bodies for as little as €30 in Germany.

They are left alone with the humiliation and indignity, which is also typical for trauma victims. Some of them have contacted me and they say that it is much worse if a husband goes to a prostituted woman than if he falls in love with an other woman.

Prostitution destroys the ability to love and therefore our fundamental value system. Trust, mutual respect and real intimacy become impossible. The system of prostitution ferments hate! It pollutes human relationships. A state that legalises the Geemany of sex, Beautiful older ladies looking friendship Minot hate among men and womenand destroys and traumatises relationships wpman families for generations.

Germany for sex woman is also a severe problem for Europe and social solidarity among all European citizens.

People from those countries, when they have the opportunity, ask us, why we are doing this to their girls? The politicians Germamy that something went wrong with this law Germany for sex woman made small changes.

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Germany for sex woman This is what Manfred Paulus [19] thinks about this law: It is not with a condom that you will fight against international organised crime! The people who made this law have been totally naive! No, fo are prisoners of a parallel society that is highly criminal. These women live in constant fear.