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The space was tiny and hot. On a fateful day last summer, Katie Bouman and three fellow researchers filed into a small room at Harvard University, safe from prying eyes, in order to see an image spme had been years in the making. In order to do that, the team needed algorithms that could distill all that noisy, messy information into one comprehensible picture.

And Bouman, whose expertise is not in vor but computer science, was one of a small group of people who spent years developing and testing those methods. It was unbelievable.

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The world saw that ring — a swirl of light and substance revealing the shadow of an unseeable mass — on Wednesday, Ontario sex phone chat a team of more than researchers presented a picture of the black hole lying at the center of the Messier 87 M87 galaxy. Among other things, the announcement marked the moment when people like Bouman could finally share their secret work with the world.

On Wednesday, a picture of Bouman sitting in that tiny, hot room circulated on eoman mediaalong with reminders that it is important to acknowledge women scientists. Though Bouman was one of several women who worked on the Event Horizon Telescope team, the majority of her colleagues on the project were men.

Her background was in computer science and electrical engineering, and she got involved in the ipctures while pursuing a Ph.

Though her work developing algorithms was crucial to the project, she sees her real contribution as bringing a way of thinking to the table. The project Looking for a woman to take some pictures experts from all sorts of scientific backgrounds, ranging from physicists to mathematicians, and she saw the work through the lens of computer science, stressing the importance of running tests on synthetic data and making sure that the methods they used wman make the image kept human bias out of the equation.

Her focus was on making sure the methods they used would show an image of precisely what was at the center of the M87 Galaxy, not just what the team hoped would be there. Discreet Horny Dating Mineral wells WV bi wives

Happily, it turned out that LLooking were one and the same. Bouman recalls feeling complete disbelief when her team ran their first tests and saw the ring appear.

How do we get puctures women involved? She recalls standing in Mexico two years ago, at one of the sites where telescopes were collecting data on a galaxy 54 million light years away, information she would eventually help transform.

Bouman is still starting out in her own career. She has been working on the project while a post-doctoral fellow at MIT and will soon start a job as an assistant professor at Caltech.

With enthusiasm, she describes all the other unseeable things that might be seen with the right combination of hardware and software. Bouman has already worked on looking around corners by analyzing tiny shadows and determining the material properties of objects in videos by measuring tiny motions that Looking for a woman to take some pictures invisible tk the naked eye.

She also plans to continue work with the Event Horizon Telescope team, which is adding satellite dishes in space to the network of telescopes here on Earth that were used to produce the image released on Wednesday.

With the increased perspective and power, she says, they just tto be able to make movies of black holes in addition to still images. Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. Katie Bouman.

By Katy Steinmetz April 11, You May Like. Read More.