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Partner for sa meetings

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This would amount to having a combined S.

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Many of our meetings are open meetings. That means to me that anyone may attend, whether a sex and love addict to mestings that term includes anorexic members or not.

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Remembering that the only requirement for membership is meetijgs desire to stop living out a pattern of Sex and Love addiction and those groups consist of two or more S. I would caution members of the group that if the purpose becomes other than carrying the message to the sex and love addict who Partner for sa meetings suffers, then the group may no longer be an S. I recently attended a conference co-sponsored by Partner for sa meetings.

I attended a Co-SLAA meeting at the conference for couples and found it really refreshing to hear couples discussing issues related to their partnership from both the S. From a boundaries perspective Partner for sa meetings, I think the meeting organizers always need to be clear whether it is an S.

Could such a group Partner for sa meetings and call itself an S. I believe that a couples meeting could very well exist in light of Tradition 4, because each group is autonomous, which would make it free to set up its own format and even close the meeting to non-couples.

No one has the right to dictate to another group as to what sort of meeting it should be. Within the Traditions of S. fo

Partner for sa meetings combine the two programs could come into conflict with Tradition 3 in that there should be no other affiliation. My personal preference for this sort of meeting would be that it be an additional meeting which would be limited to couples, only.

I can see it as being a meeting which would strengthen relationships as both members of the couple Partner for sa meetings on their personal addictions and co-dependent issues.

This decision was made based on a group conscious decision of each meeting.

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In that vein, it seems to me that according to Tradition 4, each group is autonomous and able to decide whether or not to have fkr open or closed meeting. Any group Partner for sa meetings opens up to those who are not sex and love addicts, however, would hopefully keep in mind Tradition 5, that our primary purpose is to carry the message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.

While these meetings are not Partner for sa meetings everyone, they do exist and meet specialized needs. When I talk to sponsees about these meetings, I encourage them to NOT make these special interest meetings their only meeting since their focus is by their very nature is narrower than a regular SLAA meeting.

The comments below were given by Parther members of the Partner for sa meetings Steps, Traditions, and Concepts Committee and do not represent a group conscience of the entire committee.

The opinions expressed here are solely that of the person giving them. Take what you like and leave the rest. What do you think?

Information for Spouses, Family, and Significant Others – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

We do not represent a group conscience of S. We offer this summary as the results of our discussions. We present the major points of concern in the hopes that wider discussion in the Fellowship gor help us evolve our customs and practice of the S. No decision of this group, or any other, is ever forced upon another, even when we believe a practice Partner for sa meetings clearly in conflict with the Steps, Traditions, or Concepts.

In SA's sobriety definition, the term “spouse” refers to one's partner in a marriage Meetings that do not adhere to and follow Sexaholics Anonymous' sobriety. Come join us at any of the 40+ meetings held weekly. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) is a Twelve Step/ Twelve Tradition oriented Fellowship based. In SA's sobriety definition, the term "spouse" refers to one's partner in a marriage Meetings that do not adhere to and follow Sexaholics Anonymous' sobriety.