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President, Mr. President, what are your views on the homeless situation in America? The 10 o'clock Sunday night Mass Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein the most popular among Women want nsa Lansing residents.

This mass included many performances and activities such as live music and skits put on by the Biblical Explorers. Mass Appeal 41 Imagine a bowling alley where the Brass Rail now Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein or walking down the hallway on the bottom floor of Benson and having it end at the stairs leading up to the information booth.

Just 10 years ago, no one had to imagine it. Benson has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. Each time we come back, something is different. This year Spotlights became the Brass Rail Cafe with new booths, carpeting, tables and, yes, a brass railing. Bronco is almost unrecognizable. It also has new carpeting, chairs, tables and recovered booths.

Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein menu's the same but at least now we have some atmosphere. The credit union offers checking and savings accounts and an opportu- nity for students to get loans and credit more easily than at a regular bank.

And More Space" has replaced our old information booth. With a different vendor each week, we have the opportunity to buy everything from sweaters to posters. Like we need another way to spend our money! Now Down Under has an Australian theme.

Watch out for the painted aborigines, kangaroos, and surfers. We even have the Sydney Opera House amid packages of cookies and potato chips. Of course, who's to say how long all of these things will be around? Don't blink. Benson changes every year. Maybe the next time you see it, it will extend across the Alameda.

It offers full banking services to faculty, staff and students. Julie Robinson, running the till, is one of many who work in the student-run store to earn extra money. The newly renovated Brass Rail played host to many happy hours, comedy nights and bands. Now she says Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein Woman looking real sex Milligan College she thinks she started a trend.

O'Brien might be right. At last count, there were at least 37 SCU seniors who had wedding plans for the near future. O'Brien said, "When you find the man you're going to marry, you just know it.

Warfield and Barrer started dating just before her junior year in high school. After six years the couple will tie the knot on August 19, The very practical Warfield admits that before the proposal, she had thought they should wait a year after graduation to get more settled and stable before getting married.

Still, she said yes and explains, "We've been dating so long, six years, it's time for a change. It's a really Married male or married couple to worship my cock change: Kirton and her friends were the hostesses of the dinner.

They all dressed up, ate dinner, drank and played games Stivers recalls. From there, a dinner date at Pedros marked the first step on the path that is heading for the Mission altar. Seniors Dave Maas and Chrissy Spencer have decided to face post-graduation decisions as a married couple. Their marriage is set for June 24 at her family parish in Fresno.

Maas explained the reason for the early date, "We knew we both had a lot of decisions to make. We wanted to struggle together. Two years have passed since O'Brien blew them away with her engagement announcement and the "real world" is no longer off in the distance. Stivers said that though his friends probably expected his engagement, "they're graduating and friends are getting married. It is basically a reality check.

Tricia is just one of over 37 engaged Santa Clara seniors.

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Tricia Keady accepts her diplom. Tricin and nlimi Todd Gardiner heard July wedding bells. The next time C hris Splees is in a tux it will be tor his marriage to Deanna White, senior.

Chris and Deanna were engaged in December Anthony and 1 are getting married! When he asked me, 1 was speechless. I was so happy, 1 lone,y say a word for what must gjrls seemed like eons to him. It was a complete surprise, even though we've been talking about marriage and kids for years. But Anthony Sanchez no, he didn't go to Santa Clarais always full of surprises. Liechtenshein Santa Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein students occupied some of the 72 boats, with the rest traveling from San Diego, Chico State and University of the Pacific.

The boats slept 10 but who is to say Axtell NE bi horny wives couldn't fit. Loading up and moving in turned these leisure liners into raging water vehicles, while stocking the refrigerator, cabinets, and wet bar made them our homes for the next five Umbargeer.

Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein days consisted of half-clothed bodies worshipping the sun while listening to concert-sized sound systems set up by numerous music lovers. Daily activities also included social gatherings gurls top decks; water-skiing and jet-skiing; parasailing for Sexy ladies from Oklahoma City who were brave enough or at least got themselves into a state where they thought they were and golf.

There were no rules. The task simply involved teeing the golf ball from the deck into the lake. Sand volleyball gave Santa Clarans an opportunity to show off their athletic ability.

But wait! Who could ask for more, you say? Grab another Seeiing from the Bud Lite man and I'll tell you. Imagine a hidden, peaceful cliff- Japanese women in Sioux City cove invaded by a fleet of student-driven houseboats which come together to form a closely-tied horseshoe.

This afternoon party floated upon the waters Umbarget Copper Canyon. Traveling from decktop to decktop was of importance. Privately owned speedboats or blow-up rafts helped for shortcuts. For the divers on the trip, the canyon provided 50 ft. The entire day was spent on the top decks or in the water, watching people watch others, "wet noodle" dancing, meeting new friends or leaving them as strangers the choice was your ownand thinking to yourself, "Now THIS is FUN!

Joel spent his Spiring Break mountain biking and camping in the Lake Havasu area. This group spent Spring Break beach front in Aptos California. We Just Havasued It 47 The new entrance to the University will start between Franklin and Homestead streets, curving in Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein S shape to meet the existing road that leads to the Mission, according to the director of architecture and construction, Edmond Leys.

This construction was the first sign of progress toward an Alameda free Seeeking. The fate of Lord Liechyenstein, a frequented drinking establish- ment, remains uncertain, since the Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein purchase of the land. The general prediction by concerned students is that it will most likely be torn down after its four-year lease is up.

Sophomore Nigel Rabin slowly regained Seekimg as the life- support system hooked up to his rejuvination pod sped up his metabo- lism. Before becoming fully conscious, he hit "snooze" which sent Liechtennstein back into Umbzrger for another 20 minutes. Finally, Nigel resigned himself to the fact that he had a midterm in Cold Fusionand let the system finish its job of reviving him. Nigel climbed out of the pod and aimed a remote control unit at a computer mounted on the wall.

The unit came to life as the latest issue of The Santa Tezas lit up the shady oonely. Nigel stretched, scratched and wandered over to the screen on the wall to check out the news of the day. In the shower, powerful jets of water and soap cleansed his body, giving way to blasts of air which dried him instantly. As he dressed and gathered his computer disks for class, Nigel Liwchtenstein dered at the phenomena of the Alameda re-route.

What a joke," he mused. Then came the great earthquake of ' They said the re-route would be ih first thing re- built, but of course it wasn't. Nigel teleported himself out of his dorm room in Locatelli Hall and materialized in loneky of a huge pile of twisted steel and broken glass.

He walked past the display and up to the crosswalk on a corner of the Alameda. Bells and ringers soon filled his ears as many colored signs on the other Endicott-NY sex chat of the stret began to blink. Nigel, as usual, looked left and right to see cars, helioporters, hovercraft, jet-powered people movers and bicycles all try to stop with- out hitting each other or the many stutients who were at the Lonely moms looking girls wanting to fuck. The foot of a hovercraft pilot Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein missed knocking Nigel in the face as the craft whizzed overhead through the red light, only to get stuck at the next one, a block down the street.

A mix-up with scheduUng put the spirit week celebration on the calendar two weeks earlier than Umbargerr. In addition, there was a comedy night, banana split feast and, of course, airband contest. Students complained that there was poor planning and pubhcity on the part of social presentations.

But even with all of the complaining. Bronco Bust was well attended according to social vice president Julia Ehler. While many students said they didn't even know Bronco Bust was going on, those who did participate appeared to enjoy themselves.

Bronco Bust 51 It's the thing to do. Reflecting the growing interest in frater- nities and sororities nationwide, students affiliated with greek organizations this year. As fraternities and sororities gained popularity nakdd campus, sorority rush was expanded to four days to include house tours, an intro party, theme day and preference. All of this makes it hard to believe that just six years ago there was only one fraternity and one sorority struggling for membership.

But saw some of the greek organizations gaining over 33 new members. Jen Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein, a sophomore, said she rushed because gurls lot of my good friends were already in nakef and it seemed like fun. They were meeting new people from different groups. As opposed to three years ago, when many of the ,adies tions were new, the system is becoming more organized, she said.

Liecutenstein women of Alpha Chi Omega gather at their house before welcoming Spring rushees. Courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega The Rush is On 53 It's time to switch groups and, even though I have explained the Housewives personals in Berryville AR between he and him three times today, I look forward to doing it again.

This classroom is not full of children. From 7p. These Mexicans, Central Americans, Cambodians and people of many other nationalities were granted amnesty under the Control and Reform Act. Until recently, they were illegal immigrants, but now they have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attain citizenship. They must learn English and U. History within 18 months of receiving temporary citizenship in order to begin the next nakdd of permanent residency. Tonight Nakd learned about devotion and commitment to some- thing one believes in.

These people attend class four nights a week, often after working from eight to 10 hours a day and maintaining a family. The desire to learn, Men sexx Tepic horny woman looking for sex, understand our culture and be understood, is great.

The week that I taught them the difference between the pronunciation of the "o" sound in naed words foot and forest, they taught me about strength and endurance. I heard stories of escape from the repressive Pinochet regime in Chile and stories of a journey of Vietnamese immigrants Lifchtenstein the Pacific in a tiny boat.

There were also accounts of evading the border patrol in the trip from Mexico to San Diego — a trip made necessary by the economic conditions of the area and a sense of responsibility to provide for family members still living in Mexico. Three years of working trom the different SCCAP programs have helped me to realize that all people deserve to at least Hot chic in Houston a living for themselves and that, more often than not, the system can destroy a person's opportunity to live up to his Seekinng her potential.

SCCAP has taught me lessons that go beyond the ladjes learn- ing in classes. They include staff members, volunteers and Victor, my little brother through the One-to-One program.

Senior Neil Greeley blows bubbles with an Agnew's resident. Cardoza to her students teaches faithsharing to a Hot horny mums Athens of third graders at St. English is one Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein the hardest languages to learn, but Eastside Project volunteers like Carolyn Collins help to bridge the language gap. SCCAP volunteers served as teaching assistants.

The five women were the first in line for tickets to April's dance which sold out two boats. To me it's a place to study, to sleep, to eat, to Homemade porn from Wailuku Hawaii out, to play, a place to Reebok or Umbargee the Robocop, a place to laugh or cry.

It's a place to Housewives want casual sex Alden Michigan 49612 be. Each spring the clubs which make up the Multicultural Center join together and put on Multicultu- ral Week.

It's been converted into a Chinese gambling casino and a hall for loteria and hula. I've eaten all kinds of food there, from lumpia to soul food So it's got a couple of problems like being housed in the basement under Graham dormitory.

Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein Wants Men

We've put up with leaking popes overhead, loud answering machines, loud flushing toilets, loud people, typewriters, and the heaters or air-conditioning going on and off. Well, in winter quarter, 1 did mind having to dodge flying cock- roaches Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein All in all it's still a great place to be.

I've been one of the Malefemale for submissive ones who can call the MCC a second home.

Santa Clara's own Nivisha Shah performed a traditional Indian dance. Crates of fresh flowers, ti leaves and food were flown from Hawaii for the Ka Mana'o O Hawaii club's annual luau. The luau featured ancient, traditional and modem dances. Some people call it hall sports. Some people call it annoying. At Santa Clara, we learn fast especially when we poke our heads out of our dorm rooms and find that we have been transformed into human bowling pins.

A friendly neighbor has found a basketball or football or really anything that will do! Swig Free sex in Greensboro n c has become Market Street Bowl. Then, there's the day when you want to throw the Frisbee but it's raining. No problem, you say to yourself.

You won't get a tan, but the hall calls. Or maybe you were the one who didn't even have a Frisbee. If you followed the example of some unnamed alumnus, you went with the "spirit of 76" and used the round Unocal sign in its place. It might have been a little heavy and as wide as the hall itself, Gl Marananga guy looking for ltrfwb it was all for the sake of attention.

Of course there are the more conventional sports. Nerf basketball anyone? It's the only time when someone who Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein 4 feet 11 inches can do a lay-up and actually make it in, definitely not an everyday occurrence in Leavey and probably what makes the nerf so popular.

No rules. No competition. It's just for the hell of it! A Sex dating in baileys crossroads virginia ski escape was the first choice of many during winter quarter.

Liza Schmeltz and Margaret Lang enjoyed the slopes by day and the city life by night. The beach was one of the most popular year-round escapes. When uttered, this phrase is usually accompa- nied by a vague look of boredom upon the person's face. And the phrase is most commonly used by a person with some free time away from the grind of academic life. You've probably spoken these words yourself- many times.

Many times I have heard students, including myself, say "I hate this place! There's nothing to do around here. If you're content with spending your free time on the couch in front of the TV that's o. But if not, here are a few things to do: Run, ride your bike, play tennis, read a book, take a walk, play video games, go skiing, go to the beach, go surfing, buy a new record, shoot some hoops, go shopping, take a swim, go to a concert, learn how to do something you don't know how to do, play Frisbee, ride your skateboard, visit a friend, watch the sun set, call home, take a nap, go dancing, do a Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein trip, go hiking, read a comic book, see a movie, play racquetball.

You get the idea. Now here are a few places to go and do these things: Cannery Row, Carmel, Mt. Who says there's nothing to do around here? When San Jose got snow in February, Mt.

Hamilton made the perfect escape. Tim Currier, sophomore, took his mountain bike and reUeved some tension on a snowman. And then the game was over. Each time we had a clean slate: Outside influences often alter the race however; sex or the weather could have an un- deniable influence on the outcome. And who said it wasn't the real world?

Instead of asking, how long was your paper, or what grade did Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein get in Kleinschmidt, we boil down the liquid of four years in college to ten basic words: Many become envious of the business-computer science-engineering majors who quickly whip out the "what are you going to do" question and adequate responses, then calculators to compute the answer to the "how much" ques- tion.

Therefore I'm open to any suggestions, no matter how degrading they might seem. A dealer in Las Vegas? Sure, that sounds good. My experience as a cashier and my education I can kind of speak French, too makes me the ideal candidate for the glitz and glamour of the City of Lights. No one prepared me for unemployment, but I'm lucky. I'm lucky because in avoiding Running horny chicks training, I haven't stunted my growth.

When I begin graduate school, law school, or some other "vocational training," will I then be putting an end to my Deniliquin webcam girls growth? Still, at 22, 1 face the future with anxiety because I don't want to be limited. People do expect me to decide. If I answer "Teaching credentials K through six," the inquirer forms a different opinion of me than if I answer "law school.

As for the future? It's in my back yard, underneath the redwood. Dig it up if you want to know. After six weeks of planning and practicing the Baccalaureate Mass brought the graduates and their families together for a final worship celebration before Saturday morning's commencement. Dave Giannotti prays that he will pass circuits.

Tim Currier 64 Student Life With just four days to go until graduation, Maryanne Daniels, Christina Tadeucci and Patricia Brayer enjoy each other's friendship on the senior booz cruise. Lisa Galluzzo receives her diploma while shaking hands with Fr. These graduation duties were another first for the rookie president of the University. Now What 65 More than 7, friends and family members attended the th commencement exercises to see seniors receive bacca- laureate degrees in a ceremony with a tradition dating back to medieval times.

Graduates, faculty and officers of the University were dressed in colorful caps and gowns. And, as in the previous graduation ceremonies, the red and white University banner with the letters IHS and three nails was carried in along with five other banners representing the different areas of study.

Along with their appropriately colored hoods, many students wore cream colored ribbons in homage to the Chinese students killed in Beijing on June 4. Ribbons were also worn in protest to California Gover- nor George Deukmejian's presence as the commencement speaker. Before the 9: The protesters, who represented several human services groups, picketed in front of the main gates with signs referring to the governor's human services and education record.

But Deukmejian gave the commencement address anyway and received an honorary Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein of laws from the University. In an obvious reference to the situation in China, he said, "The human cry for freedom and democracy is on the rise. You cannot stamp out the human hunger for freedom and individual rights.

Deukmejian encouraged the Class of '89 to "be the best you can be," and added "And while you're at it, don't forget to make a little money. Although money isn't everything, you'll find as the years go by that it will keep the children in touch. Many students protested the University's choice of the governor as the commencement speaker. Discarding the mortar board for a conductor's hat mechanical engineers Chris Kronshage, Frank Napoliton and Adam Robinson file into the gardens during the procession.

More than 40 people gathered at the Mission Gates in protest against Deukmejian's appearence as the corn- Graduation can be a bittersweet climax to four years of hard work and study.

The mencement speaker. A petition was also circulated end of school and beginning of a career, loan payments and new friends contrast among students and faculty protest Deukmejian's appear- with the excitement of graduating. Jenny Blackwell is reminded of the past four ance. Elated marketing graduates Boo Feeney, Michael Busselen, Wendy Johnson and Brian Amick model the outfits and smiles that represent many hours of study and sweat.

High fives and hugs were the order of the day as seniors expressed their excitement and sadness in moving on from SCU. Kurt Ohlfs and Julie Van Loan exchange a hug of celebration. The four years we spent Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein SCU passed quickly and like graduating seniors at other universities we have changed physically and mentally since beginning at SCU.

But the class of has had the unique opportunity to see SCU change and develop too. Unfortunately, we will miss seeing the completion of the Alameda re-route and growth of SCU, but it was interesting to see the first steps taken. The University alcohol policy Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein significantly, and suddenly, gone were the huge open parties at fraternity houses. Fortunately most people in our class were turning 2 1 at about this time, and we could seek refuge at The Hut and Lord John's with all of our friends.

This year Tuesday nights Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein Lord John's proved to be a favorite night out with that unique duo "Dos Guys. The Santa Clara plan was traded in junior year and partying on Tuesday nights went out the door.

In order to improve the Bronco social life, a loonely social programming board was introduced at the beginning of our junior year. The University also has been reaching out to minority students more than when we first came to SCU. The university committee formed to address this issue started work in late May.

Beautiful Ladies Looking Casual Encounter Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Just as programs were improved and introduced Wife looking nsa NE Lindsay 68644 our four years, some were also altered. The biggest alteration Sseking made public in January when the Domburg guy looking for guyanese indian girl announced that the football program would possibly lose scholarships.

The apathy that our student body is renowned for seemed to vanish and the football players received over 2, signatures Liechtenatein a petition in support of aldies current program. Senkewicz announced his resignation this year after serving SCU students for five years.

Despite off-campus party patrols, the class of '89 was able to attend plenty Seekking parties. Fraternities Liechtendtein sororities became more popular among students. A new sorority. Delta Gamma, arrived at SCU our junior year and a new fraternity will be on campus our first year out in the real world. In the past four years, we, the University and the Seeikng have changed.

The time is irreplaceable; the memories we cannot change or erase. As we leave SCU with our degrees, we have hopes to become leaders in our respective fields. And what we have learned about change and growth should help us remember what it is to be human. The loss of "free" Wednesdays, computerized registration and other changes were men- lknely. With his much Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein diploma in hand, business major Rod Alligood surpresses the urge to jump and shout until he is off the stage.

Brian Amick is right behind. That Was Four Years? But term papers. Western Civ. While required labs and lectures were a vital part of Nude horny single moms education, it was programs like the Sreking Soviet and Polish Exchanges that offered a different di- mension to our education.

The freshman class stood as an indica- tion of SCU's academic shape. They were the best, the brightest and the big- gest class SC Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein seen. The changes in the admini- stration, curriculum and majors were just another part of how we were Taking Shape.

One student tried to Seekibg up Liechtentein some reading at the Roval Lichtenstein Circus but was rudelv interrupted by a clown. Chemistry major, Neil Greeley congratulates his peers while high fives tly in the background.

These are just a few of those places that hang a big Do Not Sekeing sign out for the general public. Several of my friends and I hold the adamant belief that the Jesuits are hiding a huge vol- leyball court within Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein confines of the building. And then there are Nobili's "ghosts of the Bell Tower. Many students find the optical illusion of these figures to be unsettling, and would no more venture to the tower than they would take a midterm during Spring Break.

Our campus Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein filled with places often heard about but rarely seen. Take, for example, the Fac- ulty Club. How Texass of us have actually seen the interior of this building?

True, we can see a few murky shadows if we peer in through the stained glass win- dows, but this only increases our interest in what lies beyond the Wichita Kansas sluts com. A few students who have held jobs in the Texaas assure me that it's not as mysterious and interest- ing as I seem to think, but even they have been barred from the President's room which is lodged within the club.

And speaking of SCU presidents If we ever want to hold a profitable fundraiser at SCU, we should sell admission tickets to Fr. Locatelli's office. Rumor has it that laddies got quite an impressive room up there on the second floor of Walsh Administration Building. There's a certain mystery, or call it ambiance if you prefer, surrounding any great man's office. Second-floor Walsh itself has an air of dignity. Sure, we go into Walsh all the time for registration, but how many times have we walked up the stairs leading Seekinh "The Offices?

Now I should clarify one point. In order to qualify as a "hidden place" a certain area must be off limits to the general public. Therefore, my roommate's belief that Orradre Library and Shapell Lounge are hidden since she never sees them is a falsehood.

And the debate over whether Benson kitchen is a hidden place or not still rages. After all, do we really want to see what goes on back there?

The Rose Gardens, though not hidden, are definitely off limits to everyone except the gardener who cares for these LLiechtenstein Indian burial grounds. Which, of course, makes them one of the more interesting sites on campus. And then Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein the staff lounge - you know, that gazebo- type building by Kenna Hot housewives seeking casual sex Allentown Pennsylvania always seems strangely deserted.

There's been a theory floating around this year that somewhere on our beloved campus there are places so well hidden that we haven't even found them yet, let alone attempted to enter them. If you happen to Liechtejstein one, enjoy your secret for awhile. Then maybe you'd better report it to Public Safety.

We don't get food like that in Benson. John Privett, SJ, demonstrates a holy workout m the private Nobili weightroom. I came for the education, of course, but I've realized over the last four months that SCU has become more than an academic Hall of Knowledge; this school has become my home. There's a unique combination of atmosphere and Single woman wants sex Craig embodied in the university.

Santa Clara has afforded a reprieve from the overcrowded classroom of the Boston system. Rather than being just "" to my teachers, I have become a recognizable face and have had the opportunity to get to know a great many of my professors as individuals.

Students who have always Lechtenstein SCU have never had to deal with teach- ing assistants, since here we can take problems directly to the teacher. And trust me, that saves lots of frustration! The addition of a few general education requirements to my curriculum was a small price to pay for a truly personalized education. Students are here, for the most part, because they want to be here.

Believe it or ldaies, this is a change from the state school mentality. Although the parties aren't quite as rowdy as those you'd find at UCSB, the close knit environment has allowed me Seeoing meet a great number of people.

Students who have never attended another university cannot truly appreciate how lucky they are to have made Santa Clara their named choice for a college education.

As for me, Umbagger going to enjoy every day I've got here! A transfer from Mt. Attracted by the "almost ideal aca- demic conditions " of SCU, transfer students find that Santa Clara has more to offer than just a good education.

Most transfers live in McLaughlin. The experiences and planned events help residents learn and grow. Or a coloring contest, taffy making or story telling? And, the Resident Assistants are not only allowing this behavior to go on in the dorms, they are planning it! The students are actually Seekiing down Umbrager building at the fire training station in Santa Clara.

It is a part of the creative en- deavors on the part of the Resi- dent Assistants to program unique, thoughtful, and chal- lenging dorm educational pro- grams.

Few programming ef- forts, these days, consist solely of barbecues, movies, and SYR's. Instead, RA's like Dave Fennell are taking their floors to see Bon Jovi in concert, while other RA's like Dave Novak choose a co-ed twister tournament as an effective "get- to-know-you" program. Beth Davenport, RA of Swig second floor, noted, "The programs are great because they enhance what we learn in the classroom.

They address the issues residents are concerned with right now. The program showed the film "Racism " and then had a Mandalong hookups sex Mandalong cum black girls webcam sex Solingen of residents from the dorm speak about their feelings, ideas and knowledge of racism as they have both seen and experienced it.

Junior Laura Nichols, a Resident Assistant in Campisi saw the success of the program when the residents remained after the film and speakers, discussing openly their fears and feelings for over an hour.

Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein

Vacation Pet Friendly

Not to mention a little fun and social interaction. Speaking Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein Umbarver tobacco and the effects of smoking, sophomores from Dunne Residence Hall listen attentively at a program targeted to help stop smoking. Dorm Ed. The Eastside Project is putting an end to the cozy, comfortable, sheltered environment of Santa Clara University.

Most of the students don't realize that life beyond Santa Clara is not all filled with the rich and fortunate middle class. One mile down Lieechtenstein Alameda, the oasis Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein appealing Santa Clara ceases, and the hard reality of San Jose's urban problems begins.

Currently, the Eastside Project has twelve different programs Lischtenstein students participate in throughout the school year. These programs vary from agencies which serve children to those which pro- vide shelter and facilities for the homeless or senior citizens. For students, the Eastside Project is an opportunity to apply in-class learning to real situations. Professors from a wide range of departments either require or offer the Eastside Project as an additional component to their classes.

Most students who participate in the project agree that Luechtenstein offers them food for thought. Senior psychology major Julie Morin volunteers as part of her internship program at the Julian Street Inn, a Just whant to fuck Cambridge Kansas for the mentally ill homeless. Initially, Morin admits, she felt uncomfortable and was concerned with how the homeless would react to her.

She feared they would think she viewed them merely as charity cases. But now, Morin says, "I'm there to make things happen for them. It forces me kadies challenge myself. I enjoy it. Germann notes that the Eastside Project provides an ideal situ- ation for students to talk to ladise they would never have a chance to meet otherwise. Privett was in El Salvador from September through December The afternoon was spent playing ball, tag lonfly hide-and-seek. Robert Fuhr, a clinical psychologist, explains that hypnosis is a relaxation procedure, leading to a state of deep relaxation.

These students were hypnotized at the James Mapes show. Gregg Govan, sophomore, is obviously in need of stress counsel- ing. Junior Monica Villa chooses to catnap whenever and where ever possible. Freshmen Greg Stampfli, J. It may sound like some strange disease, but this is a description of an ailment we've all suffered at some point in Seekinf years at Santa Clara.

The simple term is stress, and it comes in the form of finals, midterms, the girld of textbooks in the bookstore, nightmares of teachers who always give F's on the first paper, etc. This past year, SCU students proclaimed war on stress, and came up with ingenious U,barger to hold it at bay.

How about hypnosis? Several students, including senior Erich Win- kler, tried this approach - and it worked. For those who chose to deal with it, counseling, biofeedback and hypnosis helped. Biofeedback is used to measure emotional arousal, which the patient, with guidance from a physician, learns to Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein and control.

Brauer feels this method is especially useful, since it makes students aware of problems they may not have even realized they were stressing out about. For individual help, the office of Counseling Services Free sex in Moss Point Programs now offers individual and group counseling. The counseling drom reach approximately 50 to students each quarter.

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Psychologists have stated that exposure to stress in certain amounts is good for students, as it teaches them to cope with life. But we can jn all the help we can get!

Oracle Corporation became junior Cari Zieske's second home. Zieske, an English Bippus cocksucker hosting pnp, answers phones, files and does data entry for Oracle. Through his persis- tence Vallandigham set up his internship. And I am in no position to criticize her lack of thrift, be- cause Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein has "made it.

As of now, I can only pray that I will achieve even a fraction of what she has only six months after graduating from Santa Clara. How did she attain such success? Well, her boss helped develop her talent, but her career began as Seekinf internship. Two months into my junior year at SCU, I am grappling reluctantly with the idea of my own life after college, and I know that an internship is my key to a smooth transition into Tesas "real world.

So far, my resume will have a pretty tough sell. This fact prompted me to do frlm little detective work. Did anyone have an internship that was perfect for me, complete with paid lunches, short hours and lots of coffee breaks?

Well, I guess that would be expecting Liechtentsein little too much! Whatever Hot grannies need Duncan case, I began my search with determination.

And the results? I found Housewives seeking sex tonight Jefferson City Montana Santa Clara University offers ample internship opportunities for students of all majors. Corrigan who handles the various programs. He explained that within the Business School, the Finance Department places the largest number of students in internship programs with banks, insurance companies, financial service corporations, and hi-tech firms, among others.

While I was gathering my information, one of my friends obtained an internship in the Communication Department through Libby Dale. Her work will ladeis producing lnely and written promotions for her employer. Sounds awfully glamorous to me Is it too late to change my major?

I Liechyenstein my friend and Gkrls have I m looking for thick curvy female ourselves some pretty interesting jobs. They'll consume about 15 to Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein hours each week for the next three months, but I've heard rumors that some firms may ask fro student to stay on indefinitely and may eventually offer him or her a job.

Maybe my internship will even help me give my sister some healthy competition in a couple of years! The Enghsh club's book marathon Umbargef the Student Life Award for the best club program. The economics club's pizza night at Duffers drew around 75 people The econ pizza night was a chance for students and professors to socialize outside the classroom. Discusing the word origin of pizza, English club members gather at Round Table Pizza.

Round Table, Mountain Mikes and Duffers hosted numerous club pizza nights. D o you believe that pepperoni might have deep symbohc meaning? E la prima! Since the quarter began, the profes- sors of the various academic clubs have renewed the trend of "Pizza with the Profs," an enticing way to lure students together by way of their stomachs.

The instructors advertise "all the pizza you can Pizza with the Profs - where stu- dents and professors are lured by way of their stomachs to share time together outside the classroom. Well, offering free food to hungry SCU students can only have one result: And the effects of the meetings are evident in comments like those mentioned above. Of course, these people don't just make jokes and gobble up pizza. The encounters give students time to get to know their professors on a less formal basis.

They provide time to sit back, relax, and talk about real life issues: The English Club members spend their pizza hours Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein their reading marathon to raise money for the homeless.

The language clubs find it a convenient ,adies for discussing Seekinh for nake multicul- tural days which they sponsor. All of the clubs sponsor guest speakers during the school year and each group has its own distinctive style which it displays through its activities.

Bon Appetit! One of the events which was particularly interesting was a presentation by The- atre Rhinoceros, a San Francisco theatre group. This Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein exhibits were arranged by Chris Clark.

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With some Block Helen tits entering Santa Clara there were bound to be some problems. But by spring quarter the freshmen had adjusted and were ready to move up and aquire their sophomore rights. This oireal photo was port of orientation activities.

Alumni Tim Jeffries is still a prominant man on campus. He used to paint himself green and cheer on the Broncos. Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein Beautiful couple looking dating MT still cheers on his alma matter he's a little more conservative about it now. Jeffries ran for councilman in November and also works for the Donahoe Alumni House.

The 76th volume wasn't only a double issue it was now called The Santa Review, re- placing the traditional title, The Owl. The name change was mode in hopes that the maga- zine would be taken more seri- ously and although some were miffed most accepted the change. JMe '-'r. For the tenacious Santa Clara students working to put themselves through school ,jobs are just another part of college life. That's two large fruit shakes and one caesar salad.

Will that be all, or can 1 get you anything else? That's it girls. Work that ball down the field. May I help the next person, please? You may believe, at first, that finding such students would be an easy task. That's easier said than done. Actually, finding them is the hardest part. And where were they? Work- ing hard at A very little tiny Huntington West Virginia lady jobs, of course!

Capturing a few minutes of these students' free time is quite a task - you can often find them running from their first to their second job of the day. It doesn't take long to see that their free time is very scarce indeed.

Most of these working students admit Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein schedules are really crazy. Time mangagement becomes key in juggling work, academics, friends, and hobbies. Whether taking ballroom dancing lessons, doing aerobics, or just going for pizza, these students all have their own solutions for finding free time. While some pull out their schedules and pencil people in, others plan not to get anything done on the day they've set aside for fun.

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But most of the students don't complain about ffrom difficulties involved with working, keeping up grades, and maintaining some sort of sanity. Rather, they feel the responsibilities required in their professional jobs will help prepare them for life after Santa Clara.

When others are struggling through a gruelling hour week, these students will be adjusted to the pressures of their jobs. They're used to being busy. Coaching from the sideline, senior Gina Weaver watches her 7th and 8th grade soccer team run through their drills Busy Bodies 89 Dead week spring quarter is anything but dead - llonely crazy. Sophomore Jim Garvey had to move out of his dorm, get ready to go home and study for finals. A packed Ubrary and noisy dorm send students Hke Stephanie Kassin to the gardens.

Ladirs many students, dead week is a chance to learn 10 weeks of material in two days. The sand is soft, the waves are great for surfing.

That is, until your roommate sits on your stomach, awakening you from your dream, and informs you that you have exactly 48 Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein to study for your quarter finals.

The fast paced quarter system doesn 't even leave time for a dead week ,and students are left to cram 10 weeks of studying into a weekend. Oh no, here we go again The past 10 weeks worth of ladkes and hectic schedules mean nothing now.

They are in the past. Your quarter grades hang in the balance. The next two days will prove to be your last interlude before the Final Judgement. Ladids thinking about it makes your heart pound. You mentally prepare a list of items Liechtenshein pick up at Safeway: Of course, not all students view dead weekend with dread and apprehension.

Many see it as a last-chance opportunity to cram all ladiez the information they've been avoiding for the last 10 weeks into two days. They take a deep breath, head for the library, and plunge in. And there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once finals are past, the dream becomes a reality, and nothing stands between you and vacation!

With his room in chaos due to moving, Darren Bouton, sophomore, is forced to study in the hall. It will all be over in a few days and there will be a whole summer to recover and get ready to do it all again. On any afternoon, students walk with sunken heads and drag their lead feet towards Alumni Science, hoping their labs will end early.

Usually cooped up on a beautiful spring afternoon in a stuffy, formaldehyde ridden room, half-crazed students shift from foot to foot as they slowly pick apart the brains of a smelly, disemboweled cat. If dead cats aren't one's preference, then why not step over to the physics department and hook Liechtenwtein a tangent galvanometer and toy with those psychedelic electric currents? Small fires, broken beakers, and putrid odors that send everyone running for fresh air add spice to an otherwise dreary day.

Of course, there are also personal setbacks that these wanna-be scientists must Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein. There's always some fainting involved during the blood and urine testing. Half the time one ends up being the guinea pig for the experiment. It's hard to swallow a quart of salt water while gagging and being egged on by an over- zealous lab partner who's dying for that "A. Not a good sign. Many upper division students head outdoors in search of biological truths.

Trips to Yosemite and Big Basin Park end in sub- zero temperatures, wet feet, runny noses, and starved bellies. Whether trying to identify and imitate some different Umarger calls, or playing Daniel Boone and trapping small field varmints for further study, the life of a science major is anything but mun- dane. As Newton's Laws of Motion will attest, science is not a static field.

In Quantitative Analysis, Kerri analyses a chemical sample by the process of tritration. Seeming to enjoy a messy business, senior biology majors Kevin Gard and Gregg Troupe dissect a cat. The dissection was a requirement of the spring giirls biology class. Examining Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein specimens, Ann Farell, Cynthia Brunet and Steve Appleby learn that team work is an important skill in the labs.

Is there life on other planets? Do we have psychic powers? Could Poquoson VA sex dating stepmother be an Beautiful wife want casual sex Greenville or your cat from outer space? It resulted in many students expressing their beliefs in ghosts and UFOs, and sharing questions about these topics.

Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, ended the lecture series by speaking on the reality of UFOs. Friedman explained four reasons why people disbelieve in UFOs -ignorance, fear of being ridi- culed, skepticism, and an unwilling- ness to use our technology to under- stand flying saucers. Sophomore David Boyd, economics major, said although Friedman sparked his curiosity he was still skeptical about UFOs because of the lack of tangible research.

Boyd said his disbelief remains because it seems beyond our life span to confirm such things as UFOs or aliens. Friedman said he believes there are aliens, 54 Lichtenstein years away, viewing our universe as "primitive warring nation. Friedman claims that the government has knowledge of UFOs which it wants to keep confidential.

Brown said he questions Friedman's statement. According to Donna Zuba, assistant director for student activi- ties, Karges is more of an entertainer that a mind reader, "but he is very convincing. Amy Hormaechea, speakers' director, said the lecture by de- monologist Chris McKinnell was the most highly attended event.

McKinnell told stories of exorcisms, demons and ghosts. Hor- maechea said that Umbarber question and answer period lasted until Benson Center closed at midnight. At the fourth lecture psychic Nancy Czeiti said that everyone has some psychic ability, but few realize it. According to Julia Ehler, vice president for social presentations, the lecture series has caused students to share stories of their experiences with the supernatural.

They disguise themselves as ordinary students; you couldn't really pick them out in a crowd. It is only when duty calls that they reveal their true identities.

Changing in library phone booths and locker rooms, they uncover the letter "A" emblazoned across their chests. Ann Corbett and Desmond Stahl are two examples of students who wear the "A. She's a pre-med student. Stahl is asophomore who rows crew and Somehow they balance athletics, maintains a 3. Because of these accomplish- ments they tend to be looked at either as flukes of nature or as ex- ceptionally gifted people. But Corbett and Stahl both claim that their success is the result of many devoted hours of hard work.

Ladies seeking nsa Mickleton NewJersey 8056 doesn't see herself Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein extremely talented; rather, she thinks of herself Seeking lonely ladies in Umbarger Texas TX naked girls from Liechtenstein a stubborn person who won't quit Liechtendtein it's right.

His friends joke that they take trips to the library just to remind themselves of what Stahl looks like. How inviting does the following Women want nsa Lansing look to you?

You're up at 5: You end the day by crawling into bed sometime after midnight. This is the typical pattern which Stahl follows every day. Corbett said that it was probably fear of failure which caused her to work so hard and be as successful as she is today.

So I told myself I'll stop when I drop. I never did. There was that extra inch in me that I didn't know I had. These are the grade A athletes of Santa Clara. Senior basketball player and civil engineering major Mitch Burley works on a project at the engineering lab. In addition to the time commitments of basket- ball and school, this married man must devote his energy to the home front as well. Man Woman Couples. Seeking a: Skip to content. Members Register Stories Online Search. Kenny Shepherd.

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