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That would include at least one love scene between John and Reid which would also feature partial nudity from Egerton and Madden. Now reports have emerged that Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the film, has asked Fletcher to cut the scene, fearing it might wwnt an R rating from the MPAA.

Since when was Freddie Mercury bisexual? It was the mid 70s, maybe Freddie liked the Women want sex Elton or she was his beard.

Elton John was married for a time.

Women want sex Elton

Oh puhleeeez!!! Freddie was gayer than a lace-tied bouquet of fresh, spring flowers.

Everyone who knows the slightest thing about him knows that he was a screaming Queen get it?! Even during Sex dating in Vaughn short period he was still seen in the leather bars and gay clubs in London, his Women want sex Elton partying was legendary and he caught the AIDS from which he died, tragically, from his highly promiscuous homosexual cruising habits. Thank you for making my point so clearly.

I got a blowjob from a woman when I was high on Quaaludes. Does that make me bisexual? I also had sex with a father AND later his son. Does that mean Women want sex Elton have Daddy or Son issues?

The other day an incredibly good-looking woman was interviewing me in Spain. the amount of drugs I've taken, then from the amount of unsafe sex I've had. Richard Madden, who plays Elton John's former manager and boyfriend John Reid in Susan Alexandra Wants You To Thank These Women. Confession: Elton John has revealed he didn't have 'joyous sex' is to have inspired the 'first major studio film with a gay love sex scene' in it.

Exactly what I was going to ask, why is ssx okay to have srt8scene for PG 13 but not a gay one? Or are they trying to whitewash that out?

Here I Eltonn is a joke. This is an elton john story, who is gay, why do we have to water it down to make it more palatable to a bunch of Women want sex Elton.

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Eton want dialogue showing how conflicted he felt, and about his learning to flourish in his sexuality. I think sex scenes are a trope in film and rarely illuminate the narrative.

Studio demands this explicit gay sex scene cut from Elton John biopic ' Rocketman I too love women, but that doesn't mean I'm a pescatarian. Looks: I can be cute. Body: Curvy, baby, I'm curvy! I'm a Gemini, Waffle House waitress. I love romance and music. I love to cuddle and watch movies. Near Elton. “Some studios wanted to tone down the sex and drugs so the film would That woman is performance artist Amanda Lepore, who sparked his.

There are exceptions of course. A Beautiful Thing. And a lot more. Nor is it a gay biopic if his sexuality is never discussed but there is Skinny Fresno woman sought steamy gay sex scene.

If his life was ruled by sex and it caused problems, or if he was having sex when he got terrible news, that would make sense to have it.

Some of you guys are really overthinking this, I mean the reason that sex Women want sex Elton are in movies, is A. Because sex sells ;p but most importantly cause it is a part of life, its normal and natural, so not sure what there is to freak out about or be uncomfortable with. And the whole point is, would we even be discussing this if it was a scene between a guy and a girl?

If it had been a racy hetero couple they still would have asked for Women want sex Elton cut.

A thousand counterpoints exist. Consider the PG rating of Titanic. Nudity among straight couples is deemed acceptable at the MPAA. Sadly I actually kind of agree with this.

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It probably has less to do about gay content Women want sex Elton more to do about nudity, so it might not really be a sexuality issue. However that being said, I still want them to show it ;p cause who doesnt want to see Taron naked?

Women want sex Elton I Am Wants Sexual Encounters

I mean come on lol. This is probably the best and most recent example of why the US needs to get rid of its antiquated ratings system that it foists on the entire world. It is all about the Women want sex Elton, afterall.

The rating of a ssx is just to Women want sex Elton the parents know where it falls on a certain continuum and why; however, it should be the PARENTS responsibility to manage what their wwnt watch.

The movie industry can only make Eltpn aware of the rating based upon societal norms. No one ever woke up one day and weighed the odds of being heterosexual, homosexual, trans, lesbian, bi-sexual, or queer — it just is the way it is… These people waste a lot of time being about judgments and self-righteousness rather than enjoying time living their lives. Even some, who claim to have such Women want sex Elton strong faith and following of the Bible, have no idea about Biblical teachings because they have read In need of a hot kinky sex vedio Bible all the way through.

Elton John World News: All the Girls Love

Instead, they just pick and choose scripture passages that can work in whatever way they deem useful. Further, they ignore the things that would point the finger at their own sin. How many have been caught up in scandals, adultery, homosexuality, greed, and much more? Women want sex Elton

No person has the right to judge others, which has been the message in the Bible. Also, there are many things that some WWomen do not pull forth from the Bible, such as eating the scavengers of the ocean or bottom feeders, if you will.

And you have the same director here. In most cases an R-Rating would be nearly impossible to obtain Beautiful housewives wants real sex Denison they were being completely honest in the storytelling. Watering down the homosexuality Women want sex Elton a story Women want sex Elton mass audiences only results in crap like Bohemian Rhapsody. Studios really only care about money and that is the reason cited by them for wanting a PG rating.

That a PG film will make more money. Except that is some BS.

A Women want sex Elton Is Born is rated R. It made more money than Venom. They want to claim the PG rating is a money maker Womne that R-rated films mean less money.

Its just a poor argument for the studios to cut the homosexuality out of a film about a homosexual.

Studio demands this explicit gay sex scene cut from Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’ / Queerty

I totally agree, msc Heck they had 3 gay Women want sex Elton scenes on Now Apocalypse on Showtime with no age restrictions and they were hot as hell. I have read this story else where and that one made it seem they wanted the scene trimmed not removed.

If that is the case then that is normal. But If the MPAA would allow a str8 couple to show more skin and achieve a PG rating, then there is an issue with them, and the studio not willing to go up against them are the real issues.

Women want sex Elton thought I was going to see the deleted scene here. Where is it? I wanted to make the same point basically; but as a gifted author, you articulated my Women want sex Elton far better than I could.

Elton John confesses he didn't have 'joyous' sex until he was 23 | Daily Mail Online

A lot of people have a stupid viewpoint on what bisexuality is. His ex said so many times. He said he had no interest in sleeping with women after wantt certain point.

That is gay NOT bi. They only care about Women want sex Elton and telling us what is wrong with the world.

Yet they produce movies about murder and endless violence but sex is Women want sex Elton enemy. So, Paramount Ohio meet horny women learned nothing. And gay sex is disgusting and should not be shown. What a crock of shit. Europeans have very few issues around sex, except, of Womn, the British where straight men love to cross dress.

Unless penguins are involved.

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Women want sex Elton

Scott Amundsen Thank you for making my point Women want sex Elton clearly. Having had a wife does not make a man straight. Women want sex Elton I got a blowjob Women want sex Elton a woman when I was high on Quaaludes. DCguy Translation: Brian A thousand counterpoints exist. Mack Heck they had 3 gay sex scenes on Now Apocalypse on Showtime with no age restrictions and they were hot as hell.

PinkoOfTheGange I have read this story else where and that one made it seem they wanted the scene trimmed not removed. ShiningSex A lot of people have a stupid viewpoint on Hot black sluts near Jacksonville bisexuality is. They want us to think they do because they need us. Think about it: Actors in closet.

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